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Best photo ever


My son fell asleep on the toilet last week. I guess you could say he was pooped!




REAL mom Wednesday


You know you are a REAL mom when…

*you wonder how you are so busy and not busy at the exact same time.

Here is a run down of this morning up until 1pm:

6:30am – Put Nora back in her bed.
6:45am – Ella asks to use our bathroom (why she asks, I will never know)
7:00am – Bring Bennett (who has peed out) downstairs for a bottle and diaper change
7:15am – Make coffee and get the kids set up with a show and some cereal
7:30am – Wash my face, put in my contacts, pour coffee, and start my Bible study
7:45am – Nora needs more cereal
7:50am – Tell Eden and Cooper to get stuff together for school
8:00am – Realize I haven’t changed Nora. Change her.
8:10am – Pray with the kids, go over Genesis 1:1, and send kids to bus stop
8:20am – Go to the bathroom
8:21am – Find Nora with an entire box (Family Size) dumped out, stop to clean up
8:30am – Make eggs for the four kids at home and myself.
8:45am – Start kitchen clean up, big two are put on breakfast clean up
8:55am – Attempt to lay Bennett down for a quick nap
9:00am – Finish cleaning up the kitchen and start the dishwasher
9:10am – Switch laundry and put in a new load
9:15am – Try to get myself dressed, teeth brushed, and hair pulled back
9:25am – Get distracted and clean all the ceiling fans
9:40am – Go to get Nora dressed and find her with a poopy diaper and her hand in it -yuck!
9:50am – Wake up Bennett, change him, pack the diaper bag with snacks
9:55am – Load the kids in the van (we should have left 10 minutes ago) to go to the gym
10:05am – Get to the gym and get the kids situated with child care
11:00am – Finish working out, get the kids, head to the photo store
11:15am – Pick up pictures, realize Nora fell asleep in the van, drive home
11:30am – Try and transfer Nora to her bed (unsuccessfully, which means tonight will be great with her!!!!)
11:45am – Feed the kids lunch
12:00pm – Switch laundry, start a new load, start my lunch
12:30pm – Send kids outside so I can eat lunch in peace
12:35pm – Ella insists Garrison is bleeding
12:40pm – Everyone needs drinks outside because it is so hot
12:41pm – Garrison drops his cup and it shatters
12:45pm – Try to finish my lunch
12:46pm – Ella is insistent that Garrison’s foot is bleeding
12:48pm – Try to finish my lunch
12:55pm – All the kids stand at the door complaining how hungry they are
1:oopm – Sit at the computer pretending to do “work”

See – really all I did today was go to the gym for an hour…

Crappy foto Friday


Hey-o! It’s Friday! That means the weekend is near and the photos are crappy!

This week has been normal even with it’s not so normal-ness. Monday evening Ella broke her wrist. The doctor to me that she would probably need a  short arm cast for three weeks but of course, #huffordslaw, when you hear the word “probably” assume “probably not” because she has a long arm cast for five weeks (due to the ortho guys schedule) for a very, very minor break. Oh well!

Nora turned two this week! Woot! We have managed to keep that crazy little girl from imminent death for two years! This past year has been brought to us by one broken leg, one disgusting tongue injury, many house escapes, her fair share of bludgeoned toes, and lost shoes. But she is great! And loud and head strong and beautiful and sweet.

Anywho…here are the photos from my phone!


I worked a concert for Salt Co and had a blast selling more alcohol than I have ever seen in my entire life!


She did much better this time with the whole broken bone thing.


“What? I’m two? I thought I was a wild animal.”


Short arm cast. #yeahright

Crappy foto Friday


Another day. Another addition of none other than the crappiest photos I took this week!

I ended up getting really sick Tuesday and Wednesday. Like really sick. I wasn’t sick to the point I thought I might die but I was sick enough that any time I stood up I thought I was either going to pass out or vomit. Add in trying to care for six kids (plus a neighbor girl who couldn’t follow the instructions that she had to stay OUTSIDE our house because I was sick), it was awful. Garrett did take a few hours off in the morning and tried to come home early but I was still left for six loooooooooooong hours by myself. Oof!

We also got to celebrate a birthday! Eden turned seven! It wasn’t the best day ever for me because #sick but I think she still had fun since she got to go pick out donuts with daddy and then went out to dinner and the waiter gave them TWO chocolate cakes. She has chosen to have a birthday party instead of gifts or an adventure, so hopefully I can post about that sometime next week. I’m still in shock that I have a seven year old. Seven. Wow!

Anyway, here are the photos I found on my phone to share! One of Garrison at an appointment at the U, looking big. A couple of our innocent little babe who gets into everything. One of our stellar dinners – I have needed to go to the store for weeks now. And one of my ferrel child, plus a couple of the wild one.


Photo dump Tuesday


Because it’s Tuesday and I planned on posting this last Friday but didn’t because strep throat invaded our home. Thankfully it only took daddy down for the count and left me standing with the ability to clean all the bathrooms in hopes of stopping it!

Anyway, the past few weeks have been full of sunshine, new vans, Nora letting me curl her hair, bike rides, and trips to Sam’s Club with all my little minions in tow. Oh and of course, moments where you leave the baby on the floor and walk to find him on the couch kicking for dear life.