REAL mom Wednesday


You know you are a REAL mom when…

*You day dream about having a clean house for an entire day.

I would love to clean my house and have it stay clean for more than a second. A girl can dream, right? Considering that my kids are still working on picking up the basement (it really should have taken them 10 minutes to do a crappy job and 30 to do a good job), my dream may never be a reality!

The broken lamp


Man alive! We have been busy lately and it doesn’t feel like its letting up. I enjoy busy-ness but when it starts effecting our home time or attitudes negatively, something needs to give.

Since becoming a hermit isn’t a viable option and since I am an extrovert and staying at home forever doesn’t sound doable, we will settle for taking trying to tame the beast that is end of the summer-ness. It always happens. Always.

BUT HALLELUJAH SCHOOL IS STARTING!!!!!!! I love the structure our school day brings us. I love that the afternoons at home are generally filled with quietness instead of constant nagging for food or something to do. I love that my very, very social kids get to hang out with little people their age and make friends. I love that the space we get seems to be the space we need to make home time that much more sweeter.

Anyway, I need to go label about a bajillion and one crayons and markers. But I will leave you with a picture of my favoritest lamp as it was the first real piece of decor that I truly loved and was able to purchase that made our old house feel more homey.


This is what happens when you have kids. Things get broken. And all I have left are memories. Oh and kids. The kids are what matter anyway, right??? But my poor beautiful bird lamp!!!!!!!


You don’t go unnoticed


Our church is renovating a building. It’s a very exciting time for our church family! Our church is saving money by having our peeps lend a helping hand to get stuff done. It’s a wonderful opportunity of service and sacrifice.

My awesome husband has been spending as much time as possible there helping do whatever needs to be done. It’s great! I mentioned to him the other day how it kind of stinks that I never really get to do any of the “fun and exciting” stuff because I’m at home doing the “necessary and ordinary” stuff. Finding a babysitter and then shelling out the cold hard cash isn’t easy or doable most of the time just so I can partake and feel like I’ve done something to help.

BUT, since my husband is so awesome and wise, he said the exact words I needed to hear…that my time at home doing the “necessary and ordinary” was more important than doing the “fun and exciting” stuff (and that stuff is important too, so don’t get me wrong).

I’m sure I’m not alone in this longing to go and do the things that I see all over instagram or Facebook¬†but can’t because of little people needing to be watched and cared for.

So (and it’s a big SO) if you are a mama out there wishing she could do more than just the “necessary and ordinary” stuff, know that it’s more important to be home doing the nitty gritty every day stuff than it is helping out with a new¬†building (you can insert just about anything in its place). Because I will stand by this: raising children has more eternal value (and is seen by our Heavenly Father as something far more valuable and of great importance) than any building a church can build. Buildings will fade and need repair but children are a one shot deal.

You may never be on a recap video or in a picture montage of the people who helped make the building what it is today BUT I see you when I see your husband’s picture. I see your hard and tiresome work alone so he can help. I see you doing something more amazing than painting walls or hanging lights. I see your sacrifice of his help at home.

So thank you workers for all you have done and thank you mamas for all you are doing.

Crappy foto Friday


This week was the first week in a long time that I’ve felt like myself. I’m still super tired come 8 or 9 at night but it’s doable because during the day I’m getting stuff done. Yay!


Garrison: “I think I have chocolate in my eye.”


We put together two changing tables for church. Ner tested them out.


This kid. So happy he flaps!!!!



Look at my hair. I blow dried it straight. I seriously have bipolar hair because it can’t make up it’s mind what it wants to be.


All the kids play “Child Care Family Diner” – I don’t know how they come up with this stuff!

REAL mom Wednesday


You know you are a REAL mom when…

*You finally start feeling live you’ve got your groove back.

Whether it’s after a baby or when your kids go to school or you are finally able to sit upright while being pregnant, it feels good to feel normal. And today was the day! After months of hiring a babysitter so I could go to the store alone (the thought of hauling extra bodies while nauseated sounded like torture) and barely being able to just do the minimal housework required to keep up with six kids, I am feeling back to normal. Woohoo! I assembled a changing table for church then loaded up all the kids and took them for an hour long school shopping session and ran errands and then came home and cleaned. Seriously guys. This is the woman I am use to. Not the couch loving, show watching, blob I am during those weeks of morning sickness. Hooray!!!!!!

These past few months


I said there was a reason for my departure from this neck of the woods and if you follow me on instagram then you know the surprise (and subsequently the reason for me being silent).


If you can’t guess from this photo, I’ll just tell you. I am pregnant! Woot! We are expecting our seventh child and I just couldn’t muster up the strength to get on the computer because I was using all my energy not to puke on my kids (and remember to feed them and take them to swim lessons and wash their mounds of laundry). It was touch and go during the first trimester but we made it!

Because I know you are wondering – baby (we are positive there is only one in there) is due middle of January. So I have an excuse to gain plenty of weight during the holidays.

I also have been asked if this is a “surprise” baby (because after six kids, people are positive you would never want more). I’m not sure how to answer that. It’s a surprise because we never set out to have another but we never prevented anything and knew it was a possibility. It is not like we did anything to try and permanently stop having children either and were in utter shock or disbelief when we found out we were expecting. Like most of our kids, we felt that God could choose to give us one more or not and He did. And we are so glad that He did!

Anyway, I am happy to be back to the land of the living!

Crappy foto Friday


The crazy never ceases to slow down. This week we had some work done on our floors – so for two whole days we had to stay in our basement and hang out. We did go swimming at a friends pool and caught a poo-ton of tadpoles. We have been trying to be outside for short bursts of time (to burn off energy!!!!) because it has been so stinkin’ hot out. Bennett had a well baby check up and has dropped in height to 27 inches (fifth percentile for height) but because he is so short he looks uber chubby and I love chubby babies. So here are a few of the photos I took (plus a sneak peak of the cute gluten-free cupcakes I made)!

I’ve also been reading my way through the Bible. My sister-in-law and I decided to try and do a 90 day plan and it was a bit too overwhelming to read that much (with kids) and truly comprehend and sit on what you read. So I found a 6 month plan which is much more doable but still requires quiet time to sit and really read and know and learn and meditate on it. But right now we are reading through the OT and would like to point out verses that made me laugh – one where God totally invents the male boxer (v. 42) and one where a breast is being waved (v. 14).