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Men vs women


I was feeding the kids yogurt and handed my husband a flour sack dish towel to put on Garrison to hopefully make less clean up for me.

This is what I found:

Looking stylish instead of practical.

Looking stylish instead of practical.

I really thought he knew what I meant. This, my friends, is the difference between a dad and a mom.


When the husband’s away


Another (very short) work trip for the hubby.

Garrett was gone last night and will hopefully be home before midnight tonight.  That means I get to do the things I normally leave up to him for two days.  It always starts out with good intentions that lead us to eating Chick-fil-A and watching a movie.

We were supposed to go to the Library today but the fact that I had one sad little baby (teething up a storm) and three naughty little children, this mama chose we opted to stay home and play.  This led to lots of discussions about why we behave certain ways and when mama stands her ground, not going somewhere fun isn’t going to change, no matter how good you claim you will be.

The day is almost over.  The kids are almost in bed.  Then I have every intention to sit on the couch and eat cookies and ice cream* and pretend not to hear little chatter from the girls upstairs while watching 7th Heaven…because I am the mom and I say it’s okay.

*For my friends who are on a no-sugar, high fitness craze I apologize – pretend I am doing something really awesome like running on the treadmill I don’t have while drinking a kale and wheatgrass smoothly…yum!

And because it is Friday and we need more crappy photos in this world, I will leave you with these…

Turkeys.  Feathers everywhere.

Turkeys. Feathers everywhere.

Cuteness is his name!

Cuteness is his name!

What my mornings tend to look like.

What my mornings tend to look like.

A bribe that worked.

A bribe that worked.

Give me a chance to brag


If given any chance to brag about the wonderful man I was blessed to marry, I will.  I do jokingly make fun of his little quirks but he is truly the best.

Today is Father’s Day.  And today is a day we celebrate the fathers of this world (is Father’s Day a world thing or just an American thing?).

But today we didn’t celebrate Garrett…at least not in the best way we could have.  Instead he spent most of the day doing things I needed him to do.  He did it willingly and did it joyfully.  He did it because he IS a great father and being a father doesn’t mean you ever get a day off.

Thank you Garrett for being a wonderful husband and partner in parenthood.  Thank you for being such a wonderful daddy to the little people we have been given.  You being a great father means I am not doing this alone.  Ever.  Thank you.

Sorry ladies.  The best one is taken.

Sorry ladies. The best one is taken.


Mother’s Day


Last Sunday was Mother’s Day but my wonderful family celebrated me on both days!  Woohoo!

I got to choose what we did on Saturday.  Garrett made me breakfast.  Then we headed over to a friend’s house to pick up some boxes and went onto Coralville to enjoy lunch outside.  We finished up our afternoon by going to Costco.  Seriously, you can’t get anymore “mom” than going to Costco and being excited about it.  We wandered around that warehouse for over an hour and had two carts full of children and food.  It was amazing!  And a once-in-a-great-while happening since Costco is a good 20 minutes away and we don’t actually have a membership there.

On Sunday I got donuts for breakfast and a Mexican lunch – Ole!   The rainy day turned into sunshine and the kids got to ride bikes at grandma’s house.  And the icing on the cake was hearing my kids declare “Happy Mother’s Day” (Ella kept telling me “Happy Birthday!”) all the day long.  It was especially sweet of Cooper to continually say that followed by “I sorry for throwing fits.”

So that was Mother’s Day.  It was filled with lots of good things and my favorite people!

This week


Garrett has been out of town for the week.  That means my kids have been acting a bit out of sorts without their daddy here and I am getting a little bit too use to taking up the entire bed to sleep at night.

We have managed to stay pretty busy going to appointments (I think everyone looked at my calendar and saw my husband was going to be gone and said lets do this thing right now and at no other time and during nap time if at all possible).  Between appointments, taking the kids to the park, and our normal week day routine, we managed to keep the days full enough that I wasn’t crying at the end of the day wondering when the week would end.

It amazes me how much having my best friend and their best daddy away gets us all off kilter so quick.  Right now the kids are running back and forth in the house (and I honestly could care less because they are happily playing and keeping busy) and I am waiting the last few minutes until Garrett walks through the door.  Soon!!!  And he is bring me a Dr Pepper to celebrate the end of a long week!

Only on a Monday


…would I discover I had a flat tire at the gas station on the way to a play date that I was already late for.

Yep.  Only a Monday.  With all four kids in the car crying because we were stuck and they wanted to go “Ava’s house” and I was like, “We can’t go anywhere until daddy comes and rescues us.”  And so we sat in the gas station parking lot and talked about what the future held and our dreams and ambitions.  Okay, that is a total lie.  It was more like me trying to convince them that crying wouldn’t get us anywhere and that daddy said he was on his way and that maybe I should have had that extra cup of coffee this morning.

Then daddy came.  He rescued.  And we got on our merry way.

Oh Monday!!!

This really did happen


My husband subscribes to my blog.  So he knew about yesterday’s no diaper incident before I even told him since he was gone.  We laughed about it.

He is awesome because not only does he help out whenever he is needed (and even when I don’t ask), he is the official putter-to-bed person.  So, when this mornings events transpired, it was all his fault;)

This morning happened just like yesterday.  Cooper got up without a diaper on and had peed in his bed.  My Awesome Husband forgot to put the diaper on even AFTER we talked about me forgetting.

Didn’t I just say it was a man’s mistake?