This week


Garrett has been out of town for the week.  That means my kids have been acting a bit out of sorts without their daddy here and I am getting a little bit too use to taking up the entire bed to sleep at night.

We have managed to stay pretty busy going to appointments (I think everyone looked at my calendar and saw my husband was going to be gone and said lets do this thing right now and at no other time and during nap time if at all possible).  Between appointments, taking the kids to the park, and our normal week day routine, we managed to keep the days full enough that I wasn’t crying at the end of the day wondering when the week would end.

It amazes me how much having my best friend and their best daddy away gets us all off kilter so quick.  Right now the kids are running back and forth in the house (and I honestly could care less because they are happily playing and keeping busy) and I am waiting the last few minutes until Garrett walks through the door.  Soon!!!  And he is bring me a Dr Pepper to celebrate the end of a long week!


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