When the husband’s away


Another (very short) work trip for the hubby.

Garrett was gone last night and will hopefully be home before midnight tonight.  That means I get to do the things I normally leave up to him for two days.  It always starts out with good intentions that lead us to eating Chick-fil-A and watching a movie.

We were supposed to go to the Library today but the fact that I had one sad little baby (teething up a storm) and three naughty little children, this mama chose we opted to stay home and play.  This led to lots of discussions about why we behave certain ways and when mama stands her ground, not going somewhere fun isn’t going to change, no matter how good you claim you will be.

The day is almost over.  The kids are almost in bed.  Then I have every intention to sit on the couch and eat cookies and ice cream* and pretend not to hear little chatter from the girls upstairs while watching 7th Heaven…because I am the mom and I say it’s okay.

*For my friends who are on a no-sugar, high fitness craze I apologize – pretend I am doing something really awesome like running on the treadmill I don’t have while drinking a kale and wheatgrass smoothly…yum!

And because it is Friday and we need more crappy photos in this world, I will leave you with these…

Turkeys.  Feathers everywhere.

Turkeys. Feathers everywhere.

Cuteness is his name!

Cuteness is his name!

What my mornings tend to look like.

What my mornings tend to look like.

A bribe that worked.

A bribe that worked.


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