It’s nice to be married to a salesman


My Awesome Husband is a salesman.  He sells all things dental.  This means we get lots of samples in the mail all. the. time.  And it makes my heart happy when it is something we get to keep things like:

-hand sanitizer (Did you know your hands need to stay wet from the liquid for a whole minute in order to actual kill bacteria?)

-rubber gloves (I love the look and feel of the dark purple and blue ones but the light blue ones do just fine.)

-toothpaste (We love us some Colgate and will never run out.)

-toothbrushes (Colgate brand again.)

-floss (Can you tell our teeth are going to always be awesome?)

-tooth flossers (I have no clue the name of these but they work for the laziest of flossers.)

-tooth picker thingies (It’s that thing that the dentist uses to pick your teeth.)

-surgical masks (In case of an outbreak of SARS, we will be covered in this house.)

-surgery drapes (This kind of makes me feel like we could do some under ground surgeries on the cheap.)

-hand soap (I hate the aloe kind but it’s free and beggars can’t be choosers.)


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