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I got a letter in the mail from Dr. P stating that I am anemic and need to start upping my iron.  No wonder I feel tired all the time!  I was never really anemic with Nug or Duder but I think this is probably because I was much better about taking the good ol’ prenatal.  So, I am going to start taking it again (morning sickness this time around really was the reason I stopped and now I just forget).  I am going on three years of taking a prenatal vitamin.  I think this is the longest, since high school, that I was actually diligent about taking one.

In other household news, I think Duder is in the process of dropping his morning nap.  I am glad and not so glad all at the same time.  This means we have more time to do things in the morning!  But it also means that I will have to actively get him over that “hump” in the morning where they become cranky and just not the most fun to be around.  Nug kept her morning nap until she was close to 16 months (maybe even 17 months) and transitioned fairly well.  So I am hoping that Duder will transition well, even though I would LOVE to get a few more months out of that morning nap.

Oh and speaking of naps…does anyone else think it is weird that your child gets up for the day after sleeping 12 solid hours and two hours later is tired.  And then after sleeping for an hour, is awake for three or four hours and is tired again and sleep for two or three hours???  And then goes to bed at 7pm?  They must be doing some serious growing to sleep that much:-)  And yes, I know it is normal but it still amazes me how much sleep little people need and how little I get.

PS – In high school I was not taking a prenatal vitamin, it was a generic flintstone one:-)


Turkey update


I had an appointment with Dr. P yesterday.  All was good.  But the strangest thing was I am pretty sure that I am going to have a 20lb baby with the weight I have already put on.  Geesh!  Why do my thighs, arms, and face (not to mention my feet) seem to think that they need to get the pregnancy glow too???  Apparently they never got the memo that only your belly is supposed to look pregnant.  And I do not believe a single soul when they say that I am carrying all in my belly because when I can’t get my normal pants up over my knees and my arms are looking a little “bingo-ish” and I am now wearing larger underpants, will I ever believe it.  But thanks to those who say nice things to try and make this preggo feel better:-)

Now, could someone go and get me some ice cream?  This 20lb baby I am carrying needs it;-)

Let the countdown begin


We have our anatomy scan July 12th!!!  Hopefully Baby Numero Tres cooperates and we get the money shot!

I have no real feeling either way about it being a boy or girl.  But here is what I have experienced during my pregnancy so far:

*Nausea (no vomiting thanks to zofran or zofriend as I like to call it)
*Break outs (I seriously feel like I am back in middle school)
*Spreading of the hips (this happened with both but more so with Nug)
*Cravings – fruits, fruity flavors, lemons, lemonade, lemon heads, lemon drops, pizza, mexican, chips, chips, and more chips, and anything someone talks about.
*Weight gain (I know most woman experience weight gain but for some reason I feel fatter this time around)
*No sizzle on the baking soda (I did it.  I peed on baking soda to see if I got a reaction and I didn’t – could be that my baking soda in a few months old.)
*Carrying high (actually I just made that up because I have no clue.)

I can’t think of anything else.  Who knows!!!!

Baby Tres update


Friday I had an appointment to get all those lovely things measured that they do at the OBGYN (weight, urine, BP, etc…).  As usual I was surprised by the number the scale said and decided it was because I had eaten a big lunch and snack and drank lots of water before I went.  I love morning appointments just for the sake of the weigh-ins.

We heard Baby Numero Tres’ heartbeat and it was beautiful!  156 beats per minute!!  This little nug made Dr. P work for his money this time because BNT was hiding at the top of my uterus.  I, of course, got nervous when he put the doppler on my belly and didn’t hear a heartbeat right away because with Nug and Duder, I swear they were in there just waiting for the doctor.  He reassured me that he could hear movement and then we heard the beautiful “thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump…”

This is one lucky mama and I am blessed beyond measure.