Let the countdown begin


We have our anatomy scan July 12th!!!  Hopefully Baby Numero Tres cooperates and we get the money shot!

I have no real feeling either way about it being a boy or girl.  But here is what I have experienced during my pregnancy so far:

*Nausea (no vomiting thanks to zofran or zofriend as I like to call it)
*Break outs (I seriously feel like I am back in middle school)
*Spreading of the hips (this happened with both but more so with Nug)
*Cravings – fruits, fruity flavors, lemons, lemonade, lemon heads, lemon drops, pizza, mexican, chips, chips, and more chips, and anything someone talks about.
*Weight gain (I know most woman experience weight gain but for some reason I feel fatter this time around)
*No sizzle on the baking soda (I did it.  I peed on baking soda to see if I got a reaction and I didn’t – could be that my baking soda in a few months old.)
*Carrying high (actually I just made that up because I have no clue.)

I can’t think of anything else.  Who knows!!!!


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