Turkey update


I had an appointment with Dr. P yesterday.  All was good.  But the strangest thing was I am pretty sure that I am going to have a 20lb baby with the weight I have already put on.  Geesh!  Why do my thighs, arms, and face (not to mention my feet) seem to think that they need to get the pregnancy glow too???  Apparently they never got the memo that only your belly is supposed to look pregnant.  And I do not believe a single soul when they say that I am carrying all in my belly because when I can’t get my normal pants up over my knees and my arms are looking a little “bingo-ish” and I am now wearing larger underpants, will I ever believe it.  But thanks to those who say nice things to try and make this preggo feel better:-)

Now, could someone go and get me some ice cream?  This 20lb baby I am carrying needs it;-)


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