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Church and cheerleaders


Yesterday was Sunday.  That meant church plus Garrison’s dedication.  It was a sweet moment, even if slightly awkward, to recognize the gift we have been given and what we want for our son.  To know, love, and serve Christ.

Cooper was in fine form yesterday.  His pants somehow got unzipped and unbuttoned while we were on the stage for the dedication.  After I silently told him to just wait and I would fix his pants in a few minutes he lifted his shirt and proceeded to ask the couple standing next to us if they would help a guy out.  Seriously.  This child has absolutely no shame.

After church Cooper got lost a couple of times.  Don’t worry.  He was in the hands of cheerleaders who were attending a cheer competition.  He was in love.  I need to start praying for his adolescence now!




I hate dusting.  Like hate it.  Despise it.  I find cleaning relaxing and enjoyable but dusting…blech!

I forced myself to dust today.  Why?  Cooper pointed out dust webs that the sun was shining on from the corner of ceiling and wall.  Then Ella proceeded to hand our friend who came to visit “dust webs” she pretended (at least I am hoping they were pretend particles she kept handing over) to pick off the wall for probably a good 5 minutes.  Way to be humbled by a toddler.

He went and turned three


Cooper, my sweet, rambunctious, silly boy!  You turned three today.  Where did the last three years go?  You are becoming such a little boy and are no longer a toddler.  You love super here-ios and cars.  You love to be ornery and drive your sisters insane but your empathy for when they are hurt or sad makes my heart smile.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the gift of my son!  He is such a blessing to our family and without him we would be missing one of the greatest gifts you have given our family.  I pray that You would use him in amazing ways.  I pray that his desires would be Your desires and that he would trust that Your Word is true and perfect and good.  I pray that he would have a passion to see the ends of the earth sing praises to You.  I pray that You would grow his talents and that he would use them to glorify You.

And I pray for him right now.  That You would keep him innocent for as long as possible.  I pray that You would protect him from the world and all its desirous things, but help him to flourish in the areas You have gifted him in.


We love this little boy so stinkin’ much!  He drives me bonkers most days but I see how God has crafted him to be crazy and bold and to also have a heart that aches when others ache.  What a beautiful combination.  What a beautiful boy.  We love you Cooper E!


This really did happen


My husband subscribes to my blog.  So he knew about yesterday’s no diaper incident before I even told him since he was gone.  We laughed about it.

He is awesome because not only does he help out whenever he is needed (and even when I don’t ask), he is the official putter-to-bed person.  So, when this mornings events transpired, it was all his fault;)

This morning happened just like yesterday.  Cooper got up without a diaper on and had peed in his bed.  My Awesome Husband forgot to put the diaper on even AFTER we talked about me forgetting.

Didn’t I just say it was a man’s mistake?

Rookie mistake


I don’t usually consider myself a rookie in raising little people.  Raising big people, well, I haven’t done that yet.  Little people, I think I have done an okay job keeping them alive and feed. But there are times where I wonder “what was I thinking?” or “was I even thinking at all?”

I am going to go with “I wasn’t thinking” when I put Cooper to bed last night without a diaper on.  I am blaming it on the fever that had inhabited my body for 5 whole days.

There is no “HE WOKE UP DRY!” at the end of this story.  He peed all over his bed.  And I didn’t realize it until…hmm…45 minutes after he got up this morning.  That is when I finally decided to get him out of his diaper (hey, I have been sick for 5 days and today is the first day I am NOT sick).  I told him to take his pants off and to my surprise he was wearing undies.  I was thinking that he took his diaper off and put on his Mater undies.  Nope.  I spotted the clean ones I brought down under the kitchen table.  Then he told me he was wet.  Sure enough he was damp (meaning the pee was drying).

So, I made the rookie mistake of forgetting to put the diaper on.  That is something a man would do, right?  (I kid!  I kid!)


Sickness leave me alone!


Yep.  I am still sick.  I felt fine yesterday but had a horrible back ache from laying on the couch for two days.  I did what any person would do.  Take tyenol or whatever generic equivalent my husband brought home.  And then I woke up today with a horrible headache which I am not sure if it is a sinus infection or more likely a combination of sickness and caffeine withdrawal.  Oh well.

BUT you should see my son.  Poor guy has fifth disease and has a sad rash covering his face and little body.  Thankfully though, the rash comes after the contagious stage, so now he just looks awful and probably no one wants to touch him but he is perfectly healthy.  Such is the life of being a Hufford!

Tonight I am taking it easy with the littlest since he likes me the most (and I provide him an unlimited supply of nourishment at his beck and call) and eating cheese-less pizza while that Awesome Husband of mine takes the three bigs over to grandma and grandpa’s to burn some energy and work on building projects.

Here is to rest and hopefully a better, more healthy tomorrow!