Rookie mistake


I don’t usually consider myself a rookie in raising little people.  Raising big people, well, I haven’t done that yet.  Little people, I think I have done an okay job keeping them alive and feed. But there are times where I wonder “what was I thinking?” or “was I even thinking at all?”

I am going to go with “I wasn’t thinking” when I put Cooper to bed last night without a diaper on.  I am blaming it on the fever that had inhabited my body for 5 whole days.

There is no “HE WOKE UP DRY!” at the end of this story.  He peed all over his bed.  And I didn’t realize it until…hmm…45 minutes after he got up this morning.  That is when I finally decided to get him out of his diaper (hey, I have been sick for 5 days and today is the first day I am NOT sick).  I told him to take his pants off and to my surprise he was wearing undies.  I was thinking that he took his diaper off and put on his Mater undies.  Nope.  I spotted the clean ones I brought down under the kitchen table.  Then he told me he was wet.  Sure enough he was damp (meaning the pee was drying).

So, I made the rookie mistake of forgetting to put the diaper on.  That is something a man would do, right?  (I kid!  I kid!)



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