Potty training attempt numero uno


Cooper has been in diapers his entire life.  Well, duh!  Right?!?  But he would most likely stay in diapers and have his wife change them if he had the choice.

So today marks day one of attempt one of potty training (because I always give myself the clause that if it starts going badly we can put on diapers and try again when he becomes a teenager…just kidding…hopefully).  I have a timer set for every 20 minutes, a bag of cranberries (he gets one for every time he uses the potty), lots of undies, and oreos for me when I break down later today from potty training exhaustion.

But I have tons of laundry to catch up on.  Plus it is clean sheet day in our house and we are trying to get back to our normal selfs after an awesome (and much needed) week away from home.  So staying at home all day for a few days seems kind of nice:-)


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