Potty training update – day dos


It is going surprisingly well.  I don’t know if it prayer (most likely) or the fact that I am just awesome at potty training but Cooper is doing well…well.  And considering that he would have worn a diaper in the womb if he could have, I am impressed with his lack of accidents.  He has had two.  Both were pooping in his undies (why couldn’t he just ten waited the ten minutes until nap time when he would be wearing a diaper to poop?????).

Can I ask why is getting a child to poop on the potty so stinkin’ (pun intended) hard?  They go once and you are all, “Yay!  You have mastered the art of sitting on the toilet and excreting fecal matter into its proper receptacle! Let’s buy you a pony.”  To having them hid and squat in a corner hidden to do the deed in their undies?  Oy vey!

Anyway…a funny side note.  Cooper refers to his undies as panties.  And it cracks. me. up.


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