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Best photo ever


My son fell asleep on the toilet last week. I guess you could say he was pooped!




Happy Tuesday


Today I forgot to eat breakfast and when I remembered it was almost lunch time. I knocked my passenger mirror off my car when backing out of the garage and taped it back together with packing tape. We were late to getting Eden to school. I spent one and a half hours trying to get kids to nap this afternoon and was very unsuccessful. I took all five kids to Target to get Valentines for Eden’s class and we didn’t get them finished until 30 minutes ago (they are due tomorrow). While at Target one of my children stole a Cadbury Egg (we finished the first step of discipline – time out and apology, next step go back to the store and apologize to the cashier/manager and pay for the egg). Ella decided her hair was a little on the dry side and rubbed eczema  lotion all in it. My kitchen smelled like an onion for the majority of the day. On the plus side, I didn’t utter a single swear during any of it (not that I really do swear but sometimes a swear every now and then comes to mind).

Sometimes being a mom is utterly tiring, confusing, frustrating, but so totally worth all the chaos.

REAL mom Wednesday


You know you are a REAL mom when…

*You go through the drive through and get your kids some fries for lunch and call it good.

We had to hit up the grocery store today and the only time we could go was 11:30am. This is lunch time folks. Going after means running into nap time and that is a precious time of day I just don’t jeopardize. Since my kids nibbled on mini cucumbers before we left, I deemed that as their vegetable. The fruit leather I gave them in the car counted as fruit (heck, it says it is equivalent to one serving of fruit). The free piece of cheese at the deli counted as their protein and the sucker the checker gave them was their treat (we don’t always accept the suckers that are offered but today I was the “cool” mom). But I knew they needed something a little bit more so we just swung into McDonald’s and I fed them fries and sent them straight to nap once we walked in the door. ***HALLELUJAH!!!!*** You gotta do, what you gotta do sometimes.