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Crappy foto Friday


Hey-o! It’s Friday! That means the weekend is near and the photos are crappy!

This week has been normal even with it’s not so normal-ness. Monday evening Ella broke her wrist. The doctor to me that she would probably need a  short arm cast for three weeks but of course, #huffordslaw, when you hear the word “probably” assume “probably not” because she has a long arm cast for five weeks (due to the ortho guys schedule) for a very, very minor break. Oh well!

Nora turned two this week! Woot! We have managed to keep that crazy little girl from imminent death for two years! This past year has been brought to us by one broken leg, one disgusting tongue injury, many house escapes, her fair share of bludgeoned toes, and lost shoes. But she is great! And loud and head strong and beautiful and sweet.

Anywho…here are the photos from my phone!


I worked a concert for Salt Co and had a blast selling more alcohol than I have ever seen in my entire life!


She did much better this time with the whole broken bone thing.


“What? I’m two? I thought I was a wild animal.”


Short arm cast. #yeahright


Crappy foto Friday


This has been a whirlwind week with school starting. Maybe sometime I’ll tell you are decision to send our kids to public school (I hear all you Christian homeschool moms gasping at the fact that I love Jesus and send them to be taught by someone other than me – chill out.), it’s actually complicated and simple and we feel at peace with our decision.

Anywho…we had family visit for the weekend while my hubby performed at Brucemore. I had a dentist appointment and we ran a ton of last minute (oh crap! Schools starting!) errands and I sprayed waaaaaaaaay too much dry shampoo in my hair. Oopsy daisy! Oh, I also spent an evening getting certified to sell alcohol. Yep. That happened. But don’t worry. It’s for our church. I mean for a college ministry. Well, it’s so our church’s college ministry can receive money to support itself. But it’s really not as bad as it sounds. I’ll only be selling beer to paying customers, not at our church or like at a lemonade stand type of thing. I’ll be helping at the concessions at Iowa University. See, it’s not as bad as seems.

So, here are some of the random photos on my phone:

You don’t go unnoticed


Our church is renovating a building. It’s a very exciting time for our church family! Our church is saving money by having our peeps lend a helping hand to get stuff done. It’s a wonderful opportunity of service and sacrifice.

My awesome husband has been spending as much time as possible there helping do whatever needs to be done. It’s great! I mentioned to him the other day how it kind of stinks that I never really get to do any of the “fun and exciting” stuff because I’m at home doing the “necessary and ordinary” stuff. Finding a babysitter and then shelling out the cold hard cash isn’t easy or doable most of the time just so I can partake and feel like I’ve done something to help.

BUT, since my husband is so awesome and wise, he said the exact words I needed to hear…that my time at home doing the “necessary and ordinary” was more important than doing the “fun and exciting” stuff (and that stuff is important too, so don’t get me wrong).

I’m sure I’m not alone in this longing to go and do the things that I see all over instagram or Facebook but can’t because of little people needing to be watched and cared for.

So (and it’s a big SO) if you are a mama out there wishing she could do more than just the “necessary and ordinary” stuff, know that it’s more important to be home doing the nitty gritty every day stuff than it is helping out with a new building (you can insert just about anything in its place). Because I will stand by this: raising children has more eternal value (and is seen by our Heavenly Father as something far more valuable and of great importance) than any building a church can build. Buildings will fade and need repair but children are a one shot deal.

You may never be on a recap video or in a picture montage of the people who helped make the building what it is today BUT I see you when I see your husband’s picture. I see your hard and tiresome work alone so he can help. I see you doing something more amazing than painting walls or hanging lights. I see your sacrifice of his help at home.

So thank you workers for all you have done and thank you mamas for all you are doing.

These past few months


I said there was a reason for my departure from this neck of the woods and if you follow me on instagram then you know the surprise (and subsequently the reason for me being silent).


If you can’t guess from this photo, I’ll just tell you. I am pregnant! Woot! We are expecting our seventh child and I just couldn’t muster up the strength to get on the computer because I was using all my energy not to puke on my kids (and remember to feed them and take them to swim lessons and wash their mounds of laundry). It was touch and go during the first trimester but we made it!

Because I know you are wondering – baby (we are positive there is only one in there) is due middle of January. So I have an excuse to gain plenty of weight during the holidays.

I also have been asked if this is a “surprise” baby (because after six kids, people are positive you would never want more). I’m not sure how to answer that. It’s a surprise because we never set out to have another but we never prevented anything and knew it was a possibility. It is not like we did anything to try and permanently stop having children either and were in utter shock or disbelief when we found out we were expecting. Like most of our kids, we felt that God could choose to give us one more or not and He did. And we are so glad that He did!

Anyway, I am happy to be back to the land of the living!

Crappy foto Friday


The crazy never ceases to slow down. This week we had some work done on our floors – so for two whole days we had to stay in our basement and hang out. We did go swimming at a friends pool and caught a poo-ton of tadpoles. We have been trying to be outside for short bursts of time (to burn off energy!!!!) because it has been so stinkin’ hot out. Bennett had a well baby check up and has dropped in height to 27 inches (fifth percentile for height) but because he is so short he looks uber chubby and I love chubby babies. So here are a few of the photos I took (plus a sneak peak of the cute gluten-free cupcakes I made)!

I’ve also been reading my way through the Bible. My sister-in-law and I decided to try and do a 90 day plan and it was a bit too overwhelming to read that much (with kids) and truly comprehend and sit on what you read. So I found a 6 month plan which is much more doable but still requires quiet time to sit and really read and know and learn and meditate on it. But right now we are reading through the OT and would like to point out verses that made me laugh – one where God totally invents the male boxer (v. 42) and one where a breast is being waved (v. 14).

Thirty, flirty, and thriving


I wasn’t looking forward to being thirty. Like at all. In my head I am still 25 even on the days when I feel 70. Thirty isn’t that old but when you don’t feel like you could be thirty, it seems old.

BUT, my birthday was a great day! I am not one to want a party thrown for me or anything like that. And with last year’s birthday being kind of really crummy due to Garrett being out of town and me home with five kids with the stomach yuck and having it myself, I would have taken a normal day this year and called it a win.

This year was great! My friends managed to shower me with love and lots of kind messages that made my heart smile. I was given the gift of coffee and a scone from one sweet friend and another awesome friend picked up my kids from school and still another couple took my car and had it washed and vacuumed. My husband sent me flowers and my parents came over with dinner. I even went Sam’s clubbing on a Friday night! My kids shared their stickers with me and sang to me all day long and had many “surprise” parties for me throughout our home. It was a really nice way to ring in thirty. I ended it with binge watching Fuller House, eating oreos, and writing out bills (I like to live life on the wild and sugary side). The only thing that could have made it perfect was Garrett being home but you can’t have everything, can you?

My thoughts on thirty? It’s not too bad and it has me #livingonthewildside and #livinlavidaloca every chance I get.


REAL mom Wednesday


You know you are a REAL mom when…

*You feel like the fact that you wore real clothes for seven straight days needs to be proclaimed across the internet.

Last week y’all, I was in the groove. I put on real pants seven days in a row. I did my make-up seven days in a row. This week… We won’t talk about this week, but last week I was doing in the got it together mom mode!