Lest you believe I forgot


My son had a birthday.  Three weeks ago.  I planned on writing him his honorary blog post that day but I wasn’t feeling that great and then we just got busy and my husband hogged the computer during the evening hours (I guess he actually does have good reasons).

It may be later than I had hoped but who cares.

Dear Cooper,

There was a day not too long ago, I was having just a hard time.  You could sense that I was upset (I don’t even remember the reason now) and you refused to leave my side until the tears stopped flowing.  You never stopped asking if I was okay or hugging my neck.  You are so compassionate and so in tune with people’s feeling and hate it when people are hurt.  That is truly a gift most people do not have.

I pray that you would use that gift for God’s glory and that you would never stop being your crazy, funny, fun-loving self.  You may drive us nuts when you come up with some dangerous stunts but we love you.  We love you so, so much!

Happy fourth birthday to my little Coop!



Fly swattin’


We tend to not be parents who buy random stuff at the store when our kids are being good.  Partly because it is a waste of money and mostly because good behavior is just expected.  We do thank them verbally for being well-behaved or patient or whatever when we are out in public but that is as far as it goes most of the time.  But there are times when I become the cool mom.  The mom that lets them pick something cheap cool just because we are at the hardware store waiting for our paint samples to get mixed.

The big kids picked out water shooters that they had seen many other kids at splash pads play with.  Garrison chose a fly swatter.  It is his beloved fly swatter.  He doesn’t hit anything with it but just walks around carrying it.  He loves it!  It’s the little things, right?


REAL mom Wednesday


You know you are a REAL mom when…

*You don’t answer the door because you are in your pjs and, therefore, do not want to be seen by whoever unexpectedly showed up at your house.

Sometimes I don’t get the chance to get dressed for the day for a looooong time.  It just does not happen and that is a-OK with me.  And I really like unexpected visits at my house.  But when I haven’t had a chance to get dressed and the unexpected visitor comes, I avoid the door and all windows until I can be sure that they have left.



Today has kind of sucked.  Yep.  Really.  Like lets just skip ahead a week so we can get past all this crap.

Garrison threw up all over me. Eden had diarrhea and managed to get it on the floor. The city assessor came by for a visit to update his work (can I say, it is just weird to have a random guy who does not provide any proof of identification come to your house to talk about your house unexpectedly…kind of creepy) and I kindly declined his invitation to talk.  I set a new thing of liquid detergent on top of the washer and somehow it managed to fall off and spill everywhere. I have now taken two, yes two, showers.  I have more piles of dirty laundry than I think I ever thought possible.  And I am now completely worn out.  I can honestly say I would take crappy attitudes and complete and utter naughtiness over this any day.  At least at this moment I would.

But you know what, it could be worse.  A lot worse.  But its not (at least at the moment).  I appreciate perspective and know that God gives us a sense of how small our problems are compared to the world.  But I also know He cares for me in this mess of mothering little children (sick or healthy) and wants me to cry out to Him because this is where I am at right now.  There is a balance of it all and I don’t have it down yet and probably never will.  I just have to remind myself that God hears my prayers for no more crap to hit the fan today and He cares.  He really, truly does.  Just like He cares for the mom who just lost her baby or the starving children around the world or for the widow or for you, where ever you are in life.  He cares for us all in the mess we are in, no matter how big or small.  And sometimes that is all I need to be reminded of to get through a messy day of piles and piles of laundry and sick babies and exhaustion.

Five years


(I meant to post this yesterday and then life happened and I decided that life trumped blog.)

Yesterday at 7:02pm I celebrated being a mom of a five year old!  Crazy!

It has been five years of wonderful.  Five years of hard work.  Five years of tears (both hers and mine, both happy and sad).  Five years of questioning every parental decision I have made.  Five years of learning.  Five years of early mornings.  Five years of continual prayer.  Five years of struggle.  Five years of beautiful…absolutely beautiful.  And I wouldn’t go back to the way things were before she were here even for a second.

Eden Grace, you are a leader by nature and I have yet to meet a child who loves getting to know people as much as you.  You have no fear of strangers and do not judge others but want everyone to have a friend in you.  You are my first born.  You are the child that changed me forever.  You are the child that made me a mama.  I love you sweet girl!

My little five year old!

My little five year old!