The broken lamp


Man alive! We have been busy lately and it doesn’t feel like its letting up. I enjoy busy-ness but when it starts effecting our home time or attitudes negatively, something needs to give.

Since becoming a hermit isn’t a viable option and since I am an extrovert and staying at home forever doesn’t sound doable, we will settle for taking trying to tame the beast that is end of the summer-ness. It always happens. Always.

BUT HALLELUJAH SCHOOL IS STARTING!!!!!!! I love the structure our school day brings us. I love that the afternoons at home are generally filled with quietness instead of constant nagging for food or something to do. I love that my very, very social kids get to hang out with little people their age and make friends. I love that the space we get seems to be the space we need to make home time that much more sweeter.

Anyway, I need to go label about a bajillion and one crayons and markers. But I will leave you with a picture of my favoritest lamp as it was the first real piece of decor that I truly loved and was able to purchase that made our old house feel more homey.


This is what happens when you have kids. Things get broken. And all I have left are memories. Oh and kids. The kids are what matter anyway, right??? But my poor beautiful bird lamp!!!!!!!



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