Sharing your true thoughts


I love advice. Love it. I like to research stuff and know what and why people suggest the things that they do. I will try almost anything – apple cider vinegar, sign us up; charcoal, why not; essential oils, won’t hurt to try; green tea, I’ll drink it by the gallon; etc… I love it most when people give me advice about things that I ask for advice about.

The past week has been a sick week at our house. We are a large family who loves to be with people a lot of the time. We are also a large family who has many small people who don’t have amazing hygiene (Washing hands before dinner? That’s for germaphobes! Touching all the things in public restrooms? Heck yes!). So it is inevitable that between those two things that we catch some random stomach crap once or twice a year. It is what it is.

This week a lot of people have heard about the crap that’s going around our house and offered their sympathy and condolences. Thank you sweet people! That was more than I could have asked for, especially when on day 7 I was about to have a panic attack thinking this will never end and I NEED to leave my house and do something that doesn’t require me going to the store to get more sick supplies. God has a way of putting some special people in my life to text, call, or message me just when I’m about to fall apart. Thank you JESUS!!!!!!

But there are always the people who want to throw in advice (I’ll take advice on how to get kids to stop puking and pooping any day. Sign me up for the daily email. I will try anything and I do try everything – ask my husband about all the concoctions of things I try). A lot of times the advice isn’t about how to help the symptoms but why our family gets sick. I’ve lived with these little people for 7 years. I have six kids under the age of seven right now. The chances that we get sick rise with each child born. It’s a fact. It’s also a fact that we go into public places a ton. I take all the little people with me almost everywhere. Sickness happens. I do my best to keep their tummy health at its optimal performance but crap happens. (There was six months where I didn’t take my kids really anywhere (there were just three of them at that time) because I didn’t want to get them sick and you know, it worked. But life wasn’t enjoyable just being at home avoiding the sick.)

Anyway, every single time our family catches a cold or a stomach bug there is a random person who likes to tell me why my family has caught these things (*insert eye roll*). This time around it was someone I don’t know telling me that my kids probably aren’t getting enough vitamin D (maybe suggesting that they take extra vitamin D to help the kids be at their optimal health would have went over better). Seriously? Seriously? They practically live outside absorbing vitamin D in the best form – the sun! I thanked the person for the info and went on my way.

People. Don’t offer reasons why my kids caught the pukes because it doesn’t help (I had one person suggest once that my kids caught the pukes because I kept my house too clean). I know exactly why and how they caught them. They are children. It happens. And when there are six of them our chances increase astronomically.


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