Crappy foto Friday


It’s that time again. Sadly I have a HUGE back log of crappy photos for you but I only have the energy to put the photos from this week up since time is limited.

I’m deeming this week (plus a few days) sick week. Last Saturday Bennett went to the doctor after I self-diagnosed him a few days prior with an ear infection. Lots of home remedies and the little guy just wasn’t having it. I gave it the good ol’ school try and then admitted defeat since waking up during the night, several nights in a row, with a screaming baby is not something I wanted to endure one more night and I’m sure neither did he.

Then the pukes came. Monday evening through today we’ve had puking in our house. I’m going to PSA this because PEOPLE keep your kids home, keep yourself home, keep your dog home if you are barfing or have the runs. Seriously. The recommended wait time is 24 hours since they last puked or pooped. I like to get out of the house myself, but not at the expense of spreading the stomach bug around. STAY HOME. WASH YOUR HANDS. AND USE BLEACH or this cleaner – our families personal favorite (that vinegar you’re using to clean up sick does not in fact kill viruses at all…in fact you are probably just making more people sick and I am ALL for using natural cleaners myself, but barf in the bathroom equals rubber gloves and some good old fashioned bleaching action).

Right now we have two little men down and one girl who has come out on the other side. And a washing machine who has decided to join in on the barfing action. Seriously, I used HE detergent and didn’t not fill it to the max fill line.

On a different note, someone wrote on Garrison’s bed with permanent marker on unstained, natural wood. I’m no writing expert but from the looks of the capital A and that signature lower case E plus the misspelling of Gary, my bet is on his roommate.



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