When you blink


Tonight me and my first born put the kids to bed a little early. She cleaned the basement while I got the baby fed and down for the night and finished up the laundry. She is such a great helper. I don’t tell her that enough. But she helps me out when I can’t find the missing shoe or everyone needs help zipping their coats.

But as I stood back and let her make the brownies tonight (she did it all by herself!!!!!), I realized just how big she’s gotten. She talked while she baked. She talked about the moon and the sun and their brightness. She talked about the heat in the oven and how not to get burned. She talked about friends and their birthdays. She is such a little chatter box.


I’ll admit that sometimes the chatter wears me out. I love that she has so much to say but I’ve also listened to soooooooo much chatter with her other siblings during the day that silly talks about the sun make me zone out.

But tonight, I chose to listen. And guys…she’s so grown up. And beautiful. It’s not that I don’t know these things. It’s just that the time slips by between waking up and bed time and I’ve failed to truly see the gifts in front of me.


There are too many times that I wish away the days of dependence on me and look forward to tomorrow a little more than I should without savoring today. We’re never guaranteed tomorrow and I really don’t want to wish today away.

These days of motherhood are tough. These tough days are giving me wrinkles and extra belly skin and one day gray hair (either I have bad eyesight and can’t see them or there is nary a gray on my head). These days are long. And I often wish tomorrow would come. But the years are soooooooooooo short.

All you do is blink. That’s it. And they grow up.



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  1. Oh, Karlee, How true about the time slipping by sooo rapidly. Savor each and every day of the time you have today! God bless you and your dear family. Aunt Lois.

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