Life lately


So I deleted Facebook off my phone. I wasn’t spending a ton of time on it (that’s really relative and vague, I know, but whatevs). Whenever I had a down minute or two or was nursing Bennett, I got on to check out the haps in the world. It was a serious time suck and between the political posts and people hating people who believe this or that or the other thing and the constant selling of stuff (no offense intended if you are selling stuff or promoting stuff, I totally get that social media is the best way to do that and keep on doing it, I am just getting tired of being invited and seeing it), I was getting angry at stuff that I didn’t need to get angry at.

Do you know what happened when I stopped looking at Facebook? A lot. I am reading more real books and actually spending time really praying for people. In the morning I am reading my Bible without the end goal of getting on Facebook to see what happened during the night hours. It’s seriously been freeing.

I have kept instagram on my phone and since the people I follow rarely update, looking at it a couple times a day doesn’t really do much and can be done when I’m waiting for kids at school pick up. I have been taking a few minutes in the evenings to check up on my favorite pregnant ladies to see if their sweet babes have been born! I can’t help it, sweet posts about family, kids, and babies make me smile (so keep on sharing those!!!!!)! I have also narrowed down my blog reading to three blogs (one is a food/family blog, one is a friend blog, and one is a make-up/hair blog since I clearly need that) so I am not trying to replace one source of social media with another.

Anyway, life has been better without it. I’m not missing out on anything. Actually, I am gaining so much more. It’s kind of like living in the 90’s where you didn’t know what was happening to your friends unless you actually talked to them (but without the crazy AIM names and instant messaging across dial up) and your life wasn’t impacted by things that didn’t really concern you (except for what happened on the bus ride home and TRL because what music video was number one did concern me).

Most of the time in life, less is more.


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