Bennett. He is a nut of a man. He’s our smallest child ever. He only weighed barely 14lbs and was 24 inches long at his 4 month appointment. Considering that Garrison was 23 inches at birth, Bennett t-to-the-iny.

By far he is our happiest baby. He’s not as go with the flow as Garrison but he is happy around 90% of the day. And when he is upset he is usually hungry or tired. He sleeps in our closet in his rock-n-play still. He refuses a pacifier (seriously, he must have been switched at birth because he is totally not a Hufford with his little head and non-paci ways) and will only take a bottle after waiting long after he is hungry.


Anyway, this kid’s smile is contagious. His laugh is adorable. His barf smells of warm cookies (just kidding – he stinks a lot of the time). And you just want to squeeze him!


We love you Nutter Butter! And we promise that just because you are Hufford #6 we won’t forget to bathe you a semi-regular basis!



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