Crappy foto Friday


Woooo-weeeee! It’s Friday. It’s been awhile. I know I say this a lot but I’m never sure where the time has gone. I feel busy but busy-ness is more just every day life-ness and when there are six little lives and one big life that I get to love and care for there ends up being a lot of busy-ness and yet not a lot gets done.

But last week I got to go to IKEA with a bestie and we had a blast! Seriously! It was so refreshing to be gone for the day without ANY children and since they were under the care of my husband there was no real worry about how they were doing.

Then this week has been spring break and I’m in love with the relaxed schedule and not needing to be up early. My kids have actually slept in (insert bug eye emoji guy right here). It’s been a taste of what heaven is like. Seriously, I’m sure there will be lots of sleeping past the butt crack of dawn in heaven, if there is sleeping in heaven that is. I also got asked how my eggs in my tummy were doing by a little person. Yep. That happened and it wasn’t even my own kid! Ha! But it made my day!!! (My eggs are doing fine if you were wondering.)

My favorite part of this week might have been hanging out with another large family. There is something about hanging out with eleven little people total that just makes me smile! Even though our families are so different (yet so alike), there is a sense of camaraderie that we share. We just get each other. Plus, we test drove a 12 passenger van because that’s what you do for fun when your family is giant. #largefamiliesunite

So, without further ado, here are some of the crappy photos I captured of the non-exciting parts of my life (but they are soooooo important to me!)!


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