What a week!


Last week was full of breathing treatments (for the baby), ear surgery (for the oldest), and a tongue that needed to be stitched back together (for the ornery one).

I tell people that sometimes I look at the happenings going on in our life and think that this much crazy can’t happen to normal people. But then I realize, as I’m having a food fight at the dinner table with our kids, that we aren’t normal. And I did marry into Hufford’s Law (it means that Murphy was lucky).

Now if I could just get my kids to realize that the hospital is not that great of a place to hang out, that the cable is not actually free, and that mommy needs real food and not just some vending machine snacks, I would say we would be winning at this thing called parenting.

Anyway, here are just a few of the photos of the craziness (and don’t look at the tongue photo if you are easily grossed out…it’s kind of like a car crash, you don’t want to look but you can’t not look and then you can’t unsee it…trust me…etched into your memory forever).

Oh and in case you were wondering: Bennett is hardly wheezing anymore and Eden’s ear is healing up nicely. As for Nora, she can resume normal tongue activities in about a week and she is no worse for wear. Let’s give thanks for doctors and nurses, albuterol, baby valium, and for blood coming out of my favorite shirt.


See I told you. You can’t unsee that. Ever.


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