Parents don’t get sick days but they should


My husband was gone for a week. That meant that I would of course be dealing with sick kids because it is Iowa and winter. Cooper and Ella dealt with ear infections as well as Bennett. Bennett then developed a nasty cough and is wheezing now. He won’t take a paci anymore or an occasional bottle (all I asked of him was one bottle on dance night…one stinkin’ bottle) and wants to be swaddled and bounced now instead of falling asleep peacefully on his own. It’s been a rough week in the sleep department.

Naturally that means I am now sick. It could be that I am having all the nutrients sucked out of my body by a cute little leech. It could be that I am taking care of a half dozen little people. It could also be that my body finally gave up from being on the go for a week straight with no real break.

No matter the cause, I am sick. I went to bed feeling pretty darn cruddy and then couldn’t sleep because my fevering body couldn’t get warm and ached so bad. I finally got out of bed to take some medicine (I’m a wimp when it comes to fevering it out) and rub some oils all over myself (why is it that I am soooooo much better at doing this for my kids than myself???). Thankfully, the combination of all of the above relaxed me enough to finally fall asleep and my fever broke. Hallelujah!

Now I am just tired and achy and coughy and swimming in clean laundry trying to will it to fold itself. So I decided to start a petition to have moms (or dads) get real sick days. Where you can call in and some magical fairies come to your house and do all of your daily tasks while all you do is lay on the couch and watch HGTV (because it has been proven that HGTV pretty much cures all ills) and eat Ramen.

Because, man, it’s hard being sick and still trying to stay on top of just daily things so you don’t fall so far behind that your house ends up on an episode of Hoarders.


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