While daddy is away


Tales from the crib…

Today. Oh em gee. I don’t even know where to begin.

It is really stinkin’ cold here in Iowa folks and I had five of my kids home this morning (one could have went to school but wasn’t 24 hours fever free yet but feeling fine and dandy). A friend and I were going to do a swapsy (totally just made up that word) of sorts.  I was going to watch her littles while she ran to an appointment and then she would watch mine while I took one of my shrimps to theirs. Sweet deal, am I right????

Everything was going as it should when I happened to go downstairs and see the toilet was clogged and needed to be plunged. I ran upstairs to grab the plunger and by the time I got back down the stairs the toilet was over flowing. I grabbed some paper towels thinking the water would recede a bit and I would bleach the heck out of the bathroom but all would be well. But you see, the water kept coming.

By this time I am frantic and trying to keep kids away from the mess. I’m calling everyone I know to try and figure out how to shut the darn water off (which I later found out wouldn’t have done anything because it was the main drain aka sewage backing up). No one answered. In my hour of greatness, I texted my husband urgently and sent pictures of the mess asking what I should do. He’s in Germany. So I was sure he would get on a plane and just fly to our house to fix it. Well, since he is an amazing, rational husband, he called Roto Rooter and ServPro for me while he was an ocean away (I think he could sense I was a little on edge).

My friend came back and relieved me so I could take little Ner to her well check (happy to report she is healthy with a giant head). She fed my kids lunch and when I came back the plumbing had been plumbed (note to self: just because feminine hygiene products are flushable does not mean they should be flushed…apparently) and the cleaners had just finished sanitizing the crap out of everything (notice the pun there).

This is a typical day in the life of me. Seriously. If it’s not me knocking my mirror of my car, it’s getting a gallon of paint out of my carpet, or our sump pump failing and flooding the basement. And it’s times like these that I am sure there is a God who loves me. For real. When life is literally a crap bucket, He’s there with just what I need (a husband calling the plumber or a friend overseeing chaos and letting me drive her van).

Need more proof that God really does love us. It’s the fact that I took six kids to Chick-fil-A for dinner tonight (thanks to another dear friend who gave us a gift card) even though we probably should have stayed home, or at the very least just gone through the drive thru. Upon sitting down, seeing my dentist (who just so happens to be one of Garrett’s clients) and his wife and two kids and realizing I haven’t showered since Saturday night. Talk about humbling. Then the baby starts crying and they were sweet enough to help me get the kids loaded into the mini-bus. People, I suffer from serious pride because I was thinking this has to qualify me for the witness protection program or at least is a great reason to never go to the dentist again. But as soon as I started the car I thanked God that I was wearing real pants and a bra. That right there was all God’s love I tell ya!


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  1. LOL I can completely relate!! Too often I have to check if I have a bra on. The way I see it, Raising kids takes a village filled with plumbers, dentists and good friends!! Great Post – we’ve all been there – I know I have! 🙂 BTW it sounds like you’re doing a GREAT job – showers are overrated anyway.

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