REAL mom Wednesday


It’s been awhile! Hasn’t it? Life has be REAL and there hasn’t been time to blog about it but here is the first REAL mom Wednesday post that actually is posted on a Wednesday for once;)

You know you are a REAL mom when…

*You almost take your one year old to the ER for a diaper rash.

Let me explain. We weren’t going to take her to the ER for butt pain. We thought she had broken her leg…again. She wouldn’t walk, wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t do anything but cry in pain (same thing that happened when she broke her leg). Being the good mom that I am, I was going to put a fresh diaper on her before transporting the little booger to the ER. When I opened her diaper, her behind was red and raw. Right then and there I realized what was going on…teething poops. They are a real thing folks and are apparently equivalent on the pain scale of breaking ones leg.

Moral of the story – always check the diaper. Always.


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