Pregnancy by the numbers


I am always curious about other people’s weight gain and other pregnancy stats. If you ask me in person, I am very honest about all of those. I figured you might want to know my how many preggo pounds I put on and if my butt grew (it did, trust me).

Without further ado…

Length of pregnancy: 37 weeks exactly
Baby stats: 6lbs 10oz, 18 inches long
Weight gained: 35lbs from my normal weight (42lbs from the weight I was when I found out I was pregnant – I had just been sick with a stomach bug for 5 days straight.)
Days worked out: 20 (This was the first pregnancy I’ve ever worked out. So this is an absolute miracle!)
General body: My butt got huge and I ripped a few pairs of underwear. I only ripped one pair of maternity jeans (I call that a win!). My thighs and butt cheeks rubbed together causing some chaffing (TMI, I know). And I sweated like crazy…all the time.
Breast milk pumped and stored: 1000oz (he’s 100% attached to me, so this is extra right now)

I think those are about it. Not to shabby this time around. My last three babies had me in the 40 to 50lbs gained range and lets just say I went through my fair share of underwear (maybe I just aggressively put them on or my butt was really that big). The biggest plus this pregnancy was finding out my umbilical hernia is all healed. Way to go baby boy on actually healing a past pregnancy injury;)


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