The broken leg


There was that one year we ended up with stitches in one brow, a broken arm, AND a broken leg. This year was not our year, but when has it been our year;) I won’t even bother listing the vehicular woes or household issues (it’s safe to say all non-essentials on my mini-bus are taped together and our basement flooring will be replaced again).

Anyway, Nora was just learning to walk and BAM! Broken leg. She is just now walking at about 15 months and still pretty wobbly but she is finally on the go and loving it – me…not as much.

Here is how the damage went down for those who desire to know:

We were getting our new couch and I had sent all the kids to the basement where Garrett was to play and be out of the way. Bennett was hungry, so I was in our sitting room feeding him while the movers moved the couch into place (I swear I watch my kids. I do! There are just a lot of them and I can’t don’t hover over them). On our little landing at the bottom of the stairs Ella decided Nora should be carried (she can go up and down stairs safely on her own) and managed to lift and drop her down two stairs. Two. I kid you not. Very anti-climactic, I know.

I took her to the ER where a college classmate happened to be our doctor (thank you Chris!!!!!). We ended up spending almost five hours there due to something with the x-rays being read. At the end of it all there was a very tired, very hungry mom and little girl. But we survived.

Of course if you know our family. Things can’t go that easily. Nora took off her splint not even 18 hours later and we ended up back at the ER to get it re-splinted (thanks Nora for making me pay TWICE for an ER visit).

There you have it. That time my one year old broke her leg and made everyone feel bad for her:-)


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