Bennett Lee Hufford


It’s been over seven weeks since I actually gave birth but these past seven weeks have been full of family and sickness and laundry. But that’s to be expected when you have six small people who like to lick shoes and such.

Anyway, here is the birth story I promised (with pictures!!!!!):

I was scheduled for my very first induction on October 17th. The plan was to break my water and have a baby. But Bennett being number six was stubborn. My waters were on the higher side of normal and he kept flipping breech. So the plan changed the day before he was born. The doctor would flip him head down and hold him there while he broke my water.

This scared the crap out of me. In my mind it meant automatic c-section. But Garrett and I prayed hard that it wouldn’t be the case. And do you want to know happened? I arrived at the hospital with a head down little guy! Say, what?!?! But as the doctor went to break my water, his head started to float away (again, I had a ton of water). Thankfully, the nurse and Garrett held Bennett perfectly in place while the doctor opened up the flood gates. And I say flood gates because there was sooooooooo much fluid.

All my other deliveries went pretty quickly, with my longest being four hours. I expected this baby to be born in like twenty minutes (I was already at 3.5 cm). Do you know what happened? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No real contractions. I walked the halls, bounced on the birthing ball and nothing happened.

So at about five hours into this induction thing, I was ready to be done. I asked my nurse about options and we discussed me waiting longer or starting on the smallest dose of pitocin (everyone GASP! I actually asked to be put on the dreaded drug!!!!!). I said sure to the pitocin but knew that this meant I would probably need an epidural (pain – I hate it). Twenty minutes after it was added I could barely stand the pain (pitocin contractions are no joke). I asked begged for a needle to be inserted into my back to relieve the pain.

I’m said to report that my epidural only worked on half my body. So I still felt every single twinge of pain. But it was worth it. Mentally I needed the epidural more than I actually needed it physically.

Anyway, things picked up quickly because my doctor stopped in to check on me before he went to preform a c-section for another doctor (I’m told it was a complicated case, and my doctor is good). Maybe twenty minutes later I was ready to push. They called the labor and delivery standby doctor to stand in. He delivered baby boy just before 4pm! From the start of the pitocin to him entering the world was around 2 hours – not bad if I do say so myself.

Garrett was great! He was my biggest supporter and advocate and my only complaint was him squeezing my hand too tightly when my contractions were making me wiggle my toes.

Would I do anything differently? Not at all. At the end of it all, God was gracious to us and gave us another life to love and lead and grow.

Welcome to the world Bennett Lee Hufford! You are so loved (and smothered) already!



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