REAL mom Wednesday


You know you are a real mom when…

*You don’t know where the past (almost) three weeks have gone.

Nora broke her leg which meant we had two ER visits (one for the initial owie and a second because the stink pot took off her splint before we could get her in to the orthopedist) and a visit to get a real cast. Then there was my postpartum appointment and Thanksgiving with family and errands and sickness (there is always sickness with a family of our size during holidays it seems). People, this is the season for giving and this cold has kept on giving in the form of ear infections and pink eye and coughing and sore throats (PSA – if you are sick, stay home for goodness sake!!!!!!!!!!! You shouldn’t need me or a doctor to tell you that.).

I’m exhausted from holding babies all night most nights as of late and getting up at the crack of dawn with little people and driving to and from school and doctors appointments. By 5pm I’m ready for bed and yet I still have about three more hours “on the job” before I can sit just for the sake of sitting.

This is a wonderfully exhausting time in our lives. Although, it sounds like I am complaining (I am complaining about the sickies), I am truly thankful for my precious little people and all it means to be their mom.


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