RIP on a Monday


Yesterday was supposed to be a pretty chill day. I got all my grocery shopping for the week done on Sunday and there was cleaning to be done on Monday.

All was well until I went to start lunch. I noticed that our fish bowl was looking pretty low on water and the surrounding area was looking pretty wet. I called Ella and Garrison over to let them know that it was not okay to play with Hutson’s bowl. They admitted to the felony. As I lifted the bowl up the whole bottom fell out. Glass, rocks, stinky water, and of course our little buddy flooded our kitchen desk, floor, and surrounding area.

Poor Hutson died as I didn’t know how to save him. RIP little guy. You were a sweet, quiet pet. You lasted far longer than I thought. You cost far more money than I would have expected as well. We will miss you…well, we briefly missed you.

Needless to say, Monday did NOT turn out the way I expected (lets just say there was tons to clean up after the incident). Or how Hutson probably expected either.


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