I fully admit


…that I strapped all my kids in their car seats Friday night for ten whole minutes waiting for daddy to get home because the house had been cleaned (the showers were even scrubbed…miracles do happen people), there was no laundry to be folded, the basement had been picked up, and I didn’t want to mess it up.

Call me whatever – clever, mean, tired, etc… – but those precious ten minutes waiting in the car with children screaming to music while we waited on daddy’s arrival were worth the clean house inside that would have been destroyed. Having a large home has its perks but the amount of cleaning is not one of them.

Sometimes waiting for daddy to come home are the longest minutes of our day.

(We went out for pizza for dinner, hence the waiting in the car for dad to get home or I probably would not have had us sit in the car in our driveway…we would have at least driven around the block a few times.)


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