Seven wonderful years


On July 5th we celebrated being married seven years! Oh my how time flies! Seriously! I can honestly say that it has flown in the most wonderful sorts of ways possible.

How did we celebrate? By going to church and eating DQ in the car as we drove two and a half hours to family camp – it doesn’t get anymore romantic than that, does it?

Earlier that morning Eden and Ella were discussing our anniversary. Ella asked where the celebration was. Eden chimed in, “Ella, it’s just an ordinary day.” And of course she was right. There was no big celebration, no big announcement on Facebook that we were having an anniversary, no photo of us remembering our big day seven years ago. It was just an ordinary day.

You know what? It’s those ordinary days that I live for. They are wonderful. It’s in those ordinary days and moments that I realize the gift of a husband I have been given. I fall in love with him more and more each day (to think I thought I knew a little something about love when we got married). It’s those moments where he picks up where I left off or understands my frustrations or takes the kids somewhere just because he loves them, are the times that I understand just how intertwined my heart is with his.

So what if my seven years of wonderful have been filled with more puke and poop than I care to remember. These years have been great. Truly wonderful. And I will take seventy more years with this man because holding his hand in the car on the way to where ever God takes us will still be enough to make my heart skip a beat.

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