Door to door sales people


I get it. I really do. My husband is a salesman or something like that (his title is something cooler than that but that’s just semantics I bet). He goes into dental offices and sells them new things that their offices need – tooth brushes, dental chairs, new cabinets, etc… You name it. He sells it. So, believe me, I get that selling your product is your livelihood. It’s our household’s livelihood too.

But what I don’t get is why you have to come to my house during the day, inevitably while my loud sweet children are napping and resting. It is my hour of peace and quiet. It is the time my brain gets to gear itself up for more loud conversations about birthdays, friends, games, ponies, dolls, underwear, toilets, hand washing, and farts. It’s my time.

I am sure you would say that I don’t have to open my door but considering that my husband is a salesman, we get tons of packages of samples of toothbrushes and toothpastes and rubber gloves and random (usually not useful) papers. The mailman knows me. We have our polite “hi” and “bye” down. So I always answer my door because sometimes I need to sign for packages.

BUT my main issue is this (I hate to point out the obvious but I am sure this is part of your tactics) the majority of people who are home during this time of day are stay at home parents, most likely women. And it just seems kind of fishy that you ask us personal questions about our homes and family. I don’t feel comfortable telling people this kind of information. I haven’t even gotten real deep with our Jehovah’s witness ladies because, even though they come weekly and wear prescription shoes, I don’t feel like they need to know intimate details about the comings and goings or our security system.

The thing is, you pick a time of day when there are fewer adult bodies in a house to speak with me. When I don’t want your product (I don’t care how good you think your all natural carpet cleaning powder is or how superior your security system is to ours) and my answer is a firm but polite “no” you need to step away from my door and go about your merry way. I don’t like pressure tactics. I don’t like to make decisions without my husband or invite strangers into my home even if you have a badge to prove whatever or a fancy clip board or an iPad. I just don’t. And I shouldn’t have to justify to you that even though your product/service sounds great, my husband and I are a unit and making money decisions is typically a “couple” thing. And $99 is a lot of money for me to try and see and “fall in love” with your product. And no my husband would probably not be mad at me if I made this decision without him, but I hate to say it, I would probably be mad at him if he made this decision without me. If that is the case, I like us to make decisions together out of mutual respect for one another.

So, the next time you come to my door, I will probably answer and I will try to seem less annoyed at your persistence (the Lord is still helping me with this one folks). I will also probably give you a bottle of water because it’s freaking hot outside and doing what you do is tough and making it in this world ain’t easy. But the truth is, I really (reeeeaaaalllly) just don’t want your product…probably ever.


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