Computer issues


Hey peeps! It’s been awhile. I’ve been dealing with computer issues and there hasn’t been an end in sight just yet and I am too lazy to try and spend time typing on our iPad. Bummer:(

On the brighter side, Ella is practicing picking things up with her casted arm. She gets complimented all the time on how cute she is with her little pink cast (little casts are much cuter and awe worthy than normal sized ones). The down side is dressing her. Seriously, I am struggling with what to put the child in on these cold/hot days (hot days are a cinch but cold days mean she wear sun dresses without a cardigan because there is no way to finagle them on her little body).

Ella and Cooper have officially given up their pacis. Or I should say we are trying. We still catch them sucking one of Nora’s from time to time but for the most part they are doing fine. No crying. Just lots of bedtime frustrations. And my biggest parenting advice of consistency is working but it sucks. I wish there was a paci patch to calm the nighttime nerves. But Cooper makes up for his orneriness but daily asking me how do I love Jesus and how do I glorify God. Those are loaded questions…

Garrison is doing great. Just chatting away. For twenty minutes he said “Go to Nanah’s house?” We dropped on something there the other day and he could not stop saying it until I declared it McDonald’s for lunch day (and all you McDonald’s haters can hate me for feeding my kids their processed food products).

Nora is a sweety sweet. Seriously. She is adorbs and cuddly and good and smiley and she loves people. She had a bad case of diaper rash last week and I spent $20 on butt cream that did squat. I took that baby back for a full refund and lathered her bottom up with coconut oil mixed with lavender and tea tree oils. Worked like a charm!

Eden is at school for her last day of kindergarten. She is such a lovely young lady and super smart! We’ve been going through Bible verses and catechism stuff and she remembers everything. But we are praying for a humble heart because she knows she beautiful and smart and will tell just about anyone who will listen.

I am doing well. Just trying to keep up with laundry, dishes, defrost the deep freeze, spending time outside, and getting the kids ready for their dance recital this week.

That is life with five kids and pregnant lately. Hopefully once my husband does some sort of “clean” to the computer is should work better and not reboot itself whenever it feels like it. Apple products are divas. ‘Nuf said!


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