The time I put her in time out because she broke her arm


If you follow me on instagram or saw on Facebook – Ella dislocated and broke her arm on Monday. That’s how our week started? How about you?

Everyone is kind of curious about what exactly happened and rightly so, we have five kids and they are always getting themselves injured somehow.

Well, apparently Eden, Cooper, and Ella were playing in Nora’s bedroom. Ella decided to get in the crib (I’m guessing they were either playing house or just goofing off). Eden told Ella to get out of the crib since it’s kind of a no-no in our house to play in the baby’s crib. She grabbed Ella by the arm and pulled her over the crib bar. Ella landed on her arm.

The three of them came down the stairs. Ella was whining but not really crying. Cooper tattled on Eden for pulling Ella out of the crib. I scolded them all for playing in there in the first place and sent them on their way. Ella stuck around just whining about how “Eden pulled me out of the crib.” I told her to go sit in time out and calm down (she is really overly dramatic, so this is a common scene in our house and she was just whining – not crying, not indicating any pain whatsoever). She came to the dinner table fairly calm and asked for her water bottle. I told her she could get down and get it to which she replied with a whimper, “But I can’t move my arm.”

That’s when I took a look at said arm. It was slightly swollen around her elbow and didn’t look quite right. I made Garrett confirm that we should actually take her to the ER since it was most likely a dislocation (that’s all we assumed at that point).

I took her in and she wasn’t even crying. Seriously people. No tears. She just had a pissed off look on her face.

The doctor came to see us right away because it was going to be a simple fix (he heard me tell the nurse the story as we were walking and knew it was probably a nursemaid’s elbow). He popped it right back in and then the SCREAMING started. I mean SCREAMING!!!!! She was yelling at him to stop and that she couldn’t move her arm still. If you know anything about a nursemaid’s elbow (very common, minor dislocation in little children) as soon as they pop it into place they act like nothings wrong. So we had to get X-rays.

It’s a good thing that I am not a x-ray tech. I briefly looked at the pictures of her elbow and saw absolutely nothing. Well, come to find out her humorous broke. Hmm…not what I was looking at, at all.

Soooo, yeah. It was a parenting failure that night.

Anyway, I have no real idea how bad of a break it is other than the orthopedic surgeon didn’t think they need to set it that night and the ER doctor was able to splint it himself, but we still have to see her this coming week to get a more permanent cast and to take a closer look at things.

Guys, things be cray in our house. Always. When you have five small children you get broken bones, stitches, and timeouts.

If looks could kill.

…if looks could kill…

Watching tv until our brains rotted. #ERlife

Watching tv until our brains rotted. #ERlife

We spent much of two whole days doing this. We pampered her and apologized repeatedly that we were sorry that we didn't realize sooner she was injured.

We spent much of two whole days doing this. We pampered her and apologized repeatedly that we were sorry that we didn’t realize sooner she was injured.


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