(Pardon the mess of words that may or may not make sense.)

Are you familiar with BHAGs? I had to explain what a BHAG was to my husband this week. He had no idea what a Big Hairy Audacious Goal was. I feel like its all we talked about in my business classes in college. If you didn’t have a BHAG it kind of meant you were a failure and lacked vision. I couldn’t come up with one (most people wanted to own businesses or be CEOs or awesome stuff like that). Mine was to become a mom someday but that didn’t fit the college mindset. But trust me, that is a BHAG in and of itself. Outside of being a mom I didn’t really have a BHAG, but God has been stirring in my heart for a long time ideas that have finally taken shape into a real life goal that is bigger than me.

But first, there are three things you should know about me:

1. I love Jesus.
2. I am pro-life (like all life, not just unborn babies but for every person person on this earth because Jesus valued life and gave his for me).
3. I have a heart for sharing the gospel (but frankly, stink at it).

Not too long ago I saw a guy with a sign protesting our local Planned Parenthood. I know he was trying to do what was “right” and save some babies but honestly, I don’t think that’s what Jesus would be doing. And something about the whole situation reminded me a lot of the story of the adulterous woman about to be stoned.

Anyway, I talked with Garrett about this and said that there has to be a better way to save babies and share the gospel than that. My idea was to somehow get connected with women who felt like there was no way out. Women who felt like they had made a big mistake and that their lives would be “ruined” or made much more difficult by choosing life for their unborn.

We would bring these women into the homes of people in our community who would love on them and pray for them and let them know that life (theirs and their unborn baby) is important because Jesus gave up His for the world. When they came into our homes there would be no condemning or shaming them, only loving on them the way Christ would. Letting them see that they have worth not because of the things have or have not accomplished because in Christ they have worth.

It was a crazy idea with no real direction but something I felt like could somehow help save people and babies. This was the beginnings of a goal that was bigger than me.

Then I read this article this past week.

After I read that article about Mary’s Inn, I couldn’t stop talking about it, thinking about it, dreaming about it. I texted my husband a mile long thing about how this would be awesome for Cedar Rapids. How something similar to this could be the direction I needed in my random idea. So we talked it through. And it scared me. And I even remember telling Garrett that wouldn’t it be great if someone else could just do this for me. Isn’t life easier when someone else does the work for you???

Here is my dream…

It is to have a home where young pregnant women could come and live. They would be provided with counseling (because being young, pregnant, possibly homeless, and feeling like maybe your whole life is falling apart is a big deal and needs to be addressed and not just glossed over), classes on how to take care of themselves and their children mentally, physically, and emotionally. We would help them attain adequate jobs and find them a place to live after their child is born, and we would also help them to feel safe and secure. But the main aim would be to love on these ladies and share the gospel with them (verbally and through actions) daily. We would empower them that even though life has taken a bit of a harder turn, they can still achieve every single dream they can imagine.

The hope of this home would be to not only save children but to save their mothers as well. I believe their lives are both equally as important to save. I want them to be adopted into the fold of God and become heirs with me! I want them to know that there is no shame in Christ. That we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. And that there is a redemption story that God is ready to write!

Lastly, my heart is drawn to John 8:1-11. It’s the story of the woman about to be stoned because she was caught in the act of adultery. And I pray that I am not one of those people standing there holding a stone (or a picket sign or words of condemnation or hate) pretending to be doing the work of God. I want to be like Jesus and help that woman up and help her see that in Jesus she go and sin no more. Because we have all been that woman, haven’t we?

So I am writing this for me. To actually put it out there. I want to put my scared thoughts and “what ifs” aside and stand firm in Christ. Nothing is impossible with Jesus. Nothing!

So here am I, Lord. Send me.


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  1. I absolutely love this idea. If God is putting this in your heart, prayerfully ask him to help you get it going and OBEY him.

    Birthday Blessings – KC started out just like this and it has grown so much in 4 years.

    If you need help getting it started if this is your calling, please feel free to email me. I’d be happy to help talk you through this and get you started. 🙂

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