Conversations with Eden


Recent conversations with my five year old have went something like this:

Eden: If a blue whale ever destroys our house, we can live with Adavit.

(I have visions of a sharknado type of thing happening but with blue whales. At least I know we will live down the street with one of Eden’s classmates.)

Eden: When I grow up know what I am going to do?
Me: What?
Eden: Always say yes to my kids no matter what they want.
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHA! You do that.
Eden: Unless it is dangerous. Then I will tell them no but if they ask for anything else I will always say yes.

(You just wait, girlfriend. Kids aren’t as easy as you think they are.)

Me (to Garrett showing him an adorable photo of me as a three year old): Which one of our girls looks like me?
Eden: Do I?
Me: Well if you do, you are for sure totally gorgeous.
Eden: I already am gorgeous.

(Gulp. With confidence like that I might need to by a gun to keep the boys away.)


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