REAL mom Wednesday


You know you are a REAL mom when…

*You get a new bed and are excited to sleep in it, only to having a child up half the night end up in your bed sleeping right up against your back.

Garrett and I aren’t bedtime snugglers. I love having him in bed with me and sleep better when he’s there but I actually prefer my space in the bed. We were given a king sized bed and it is HUGE. We love it. Our first night of sleep on it stunk. Garrison was up for four hours crying off and on because of ear pain (although he didn’t tell us until the end of the four hours). Anyway, the only way he would sleep is snuggled right up next to me (we don’t usually bedshare since I don’t sleep with a child in bed with us well at all and a tired mom, is not a happy mom). I slept on the edge of our king sized bed with a thirty pound little person up against my back. Such is life!


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