I went to Costco last week. I ❤ Costco and inclosed parking and big carts and good deals. But I know when I go I look like a circus. Seriously, here is how most shopping trips (anywhere) play out.

Cart – Garrison is in the seat, Nora is in her car seat in the cart but eventually ends up in my arms, Cooper is either hanging off the side or has retreated to under the cart, and Ella…she is either prancing or doing the slow walk behind me. (Since Eden has been going to school our grocery shopping is a little less comical.)

Scene – A sweaty mom pushing the worlds heaviest cart with a broken, squeaky wheel (once you load everyone in the cart there really is no getting a new one), eyes darting around to make sure the two free spirits are keeping up and not getting in other people’s way. The baby in one arm at this point probably barfing on my coat, Garrison throwing everything I put in the cart into the basket (our poor bananas…), calculator in the hand that is pushing the cart (because this mom is on a budget), and answering the questions “Why didn’t that person wave or say hi to me?” “Can I have a sample?” “Are we done yet?” “Why does Eden need snacks for school?” “Can I hold that?” (always followed by) “Can you carry this? It is too heavy.””Can I take my coat off?”

I am sure I look like a mess during our outings to the store but hey, we gotta eat and feeding these little people ain’t cheap! And usually there is one kind soul who comes up to me laughing saying that I remind them of themselves when their kids were little and they miss it. So I know one day I will look back at these sweat-filled days with the same fondness and laughter that I do now (for the most part I love our adventures out) when I call my husband to tell him what our kids said to a stranger today.


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  1. Love this. The last time we went to Costco, my card fell out of my pocket and I didn’t discover I had lost it until the check out line when my two year old was pitching a tantrum because in order to pay for her outfit we needed to take it out of her hands and onto the conveyor belt. Urg.

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