Helping a mom out


Dear Lady at Hobby Lobby,

Thanks for taking the time to help me walk my kids safely to our car in what seemed like 100 mph winds (seriously, it wasn’t that windy when we walked in). Thank you for offering to take their little hands and carry a bag or two so that I wouldn’t lose anyone in the wind or to a passing car. You made my day. You said you remembered days like these when your kids were little and I am so thankful that you went against the grain (I feel like we are constantly told that unless you have run a background check and have five references and your fingerprints with you, no one is allowed to offer you a hand with your children without being labeled a creep). You helped me out a lot. Thank you!


A mom with hands full of good (but often crazy and unpredictable) things

Lesson learned – read the weather before venturing out with little people AND wear your hair up so if you do go out in the wind it doesn’t wrap itself around your head making you look like a Sasquatch (and probably act like one) because you can’t see a darn thing.


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