The lighter stuff


Because it’s Saturday and we tried taking five kids to both Homegoods AND the mall (hello holiday shoppers) and we all could use a good laugh (sorry Ella, today it is at your expense)…

I dub these “the drunken toddler” pics because you can’t look good (or coherent) all the time. Garrett would like me to point out that our kids only drink water or milk, not alcohol. And that Ella was looking especially classy due to her pigtails being taken out, thus giving her some awesome looking hair. Oh and who knows what she was talking about!

DSC_0671 DSC_0673 DSC_0674 DSC_0676 DSC_0679


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  1. at least she’s a happy drunk? she’s not one of those drunk toddlers wearing a gold chain and swinging her fists at anything she perceives is giving her the stank eye. she’s just one of those drunk toddlers that tells funny stories and then falls asleep on your shoulder. i love those drunk toddlers.

    when i was potty training finneas, i let him have as much kombucha as his little heart desired. and his little heart desired over a half a gallon in a single morning. then he started acting REALLY REALLY REALLY weird, which led me to the discovery that kombucha has an alcohol content. whoops.

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