Red Robin


Tonight we were running errands after nap which meant within an hour of errand running we were all hangry and in need of food. The thing is I hadn’t prepped anything for dinner and by the time we ran our final errand and got home, the kids would be a mess and so would I. We decided to head off any more melt downs (one of which included Cooper laying down in the middle of Home Depot throwing a fit over pushing the cart) and go to Red Robin. Good burgers, good balloons, endless steak fries.

We arrived to a half empty restaurant and had to wait for a table in the crowded entrance. Not a problem. Well, our experience went down hill with crappy service, no refills on our waters, finding out they wouldn’t give us steak fries before our burgers to feed the littles, and our kids popping two balloons. After having to ask for new, warm fries Garrett prayed that we would be thankful and give grace. I proceeded to wallow in what was left of my burger that I shared with four short savages (‘cuz we don’t do kids meals) and feel like the dinner out was a waste of time and money.

Anyway, our experience wasn’t great and I left unsatisfied until a man came running out after us as we exited to ask if all five kids were ours and then said, “That’s awesome! Congratulations!”

Sometimes God places reminders in our lives that those unsatisfying, cold fry moments are nothing compared to the awesome gifts He gives and those five little stinkers I get to call mine are most definitely quite awesome.

So thanks middle-aged dad who wanted to let us know that raising five little people is an awesome task (and it is an awesomely hard task no matter how many children you have). You may not have given me the gift of my own burger but you most definitely gave me the gift of realizing that this night was way more than cold fries.


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