Pink eye


This was a first for our family. The dreaded stink pink eye. Garrison was the victim and so far all of my sheet washing and disinfecting have kept everyone else from the crusted eyes and swollen face. BUT we all did end up with a wicked cold. Seriously awful. And the curse of the mama happened, I get sick as the little people get better. I can’t get sick because I am like the Titanic and the Titanic was unsinkable. But it sank. Touché sickness, touché.

Anyway, I am pretty under the weather. So tonight I took lots of vitamins and essential oiled myself up the wazoo, drank lots of green tea, and ate McDonald’s. That’s right, McDonald’s. I am just trying to keep it real peeps. I am not perfect. In fact my kids have eaten their fair share of Cheerio’s and oyster crackers with a few bites of PBJ. Sometimes a mom has to do what a mom has to do and sometimes that means just making it to bedtime. And we made it.

My temp. Their food.

My temp. Their food.


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