Last night


My awesome husband surprised me with a date night last night (the itty bit tagged along too)! Woot! That meant I got to eat food I didn’t cook, leave the mess there, AND come home to my kids all tucked away in bed.  HEAVEN!

What did we do?  We went out for dinner and then went to the grocery store. (How come when you have kids the grocery store is always involved in date night???)

And something happened that has never happened before.

You see, I bought some alcohol. GASP!?!?!?! I have bought alcohol before, not often but I have purchased the beverage. But that isn’t really remarkable. What is note worthy is that I didn’t get carded. For the first time I didn’t get asked to see my ID. And I know the law. And this lady always obeys the law. The law that states that unless I look like I am 40, the cashier has to check my ID. But she didn’t. So I spent the rest of the night sulking over the fact that now that I have hit my late twenties I look over 40. I was dreading turning 30 (which I guess means I will look over 50) but I guess I should have dreaded turning 28.


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  1. Yay for a date night! I actually just talked about how to have a date night in a post yesterday. I am SO looking forward to having one…who knows when that will happen, though! We always hit up the grocery store too everytime we don’t have our toddler. It’s just SO much easier to shop without him!

  2. LOL, we always go to the grocery store too on date night. Or Home Depot. No worries, I’m sure she was just being lazy or distracted. My husband never gets carded and I KNOW he doesn’t look 40. In my unbiased opinion, that is.

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