Lest you believe I forgot


My son had a birthday.  Three weeks ago.  I planned on writing him his honorary blog post that day but I wasn’t feeling that great and then we just got busy and my husband hogged the computer during the evening hours (I guess he actually does have good reasons).

It may be later than I had hoped but who cares.

Dear Cooper,

There was a day not too long ago, I was having just a hard time.  You could sense that I was upset (I don’t even remember the reason now) and you refused to leave my side until the tears stopped flowing.  You never stopped asking if I was okay or hugging my neck.  You are so compassionate and so in tune with people’s feeling and hate it when people are hurt.  That is truly a gift most people do not have.

I pray that you would use that gift for God’s glory and that you would never stop being your crazy, funny, fun-loving self.  You may drive us nuts when you come up with some dangerous stunts but we love you.  We love you so, so much!

Happy fourth birthday to my little Coop!




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