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We put our house on the market two and a half weeks ago and it is sale pending!  Woohoo!  Here we come more than one toilet home!  We are excited and if you want to hear the whole story about everything I would be happy to share but alas, God has been kind to us.  More kind than even we could have imagined.  And it is humbling and exhilarating and well, a bunch of happy emotions that led to me to cry over my Easter dinner last night (pregnancy hormones meets true gratitude for grace undeserved).

Cleaning for showings. That has really been my life for the past two weeks.  Trying to make things look like we live in a magazine with a toilet that sparkles and a house that always smells of fresh baked cookies.  No more of that fake living anymore!  Who wants to come over and sit on my couch and eat popcorn and not care with me???

That all means we will be moving.  Somewhere.  We don’t know where but we know we are going to be passing on the torch of this home in June.  Which means I have plenty of time to just relax in having a “sold” home and put off packing for awhile.

Anyway, if anyone has any tips on packing and moving with multiple children while pretty pregnant, I will gladly accept them!


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  1. there are no tips for packing and moving with tons of kids while pregnant. you just throw things in boxes and cry the whole time, knowing that pretty soon you’ll find the stuff you just packed floating in the bathroom sink or something. but it will get done somehow, and you’ll be in your beautiful new house so soon!

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