Clarisonic face brush review


Who doesn’t want baby soft skin on their face?  I know I do.  That is why I purchased a relatively cheap version of one by Olay (I just can’t cough up that much money for a face scrubber – I like baby soft skin but I like my money in my wallet more).

Anyway, if you were wondering what all you can do with a clarisonic rip off let me tell you (once you hear the story you will get the pun)…

Not only does it work great at scrubbing those pores super duper clean but it works great for getting those pesky (or in our case, not so pesky) hair off the tops of our heads.  Yep.  It does.  All you have to do is stick it on your head while spinning then yank the hair (you will need to ask Cooper and Eden for exact instructions because they didn’t want to share their secret with just anyone).  Please make sure hair is long and the spot is highly visible.  Then just go for it.  And apparently this method of hair removal causes no pain or just lots of shock because no one cried (I did but that is a different story).

Thankfully hair does grow.  A combover covers up a lot scalp real estate.  And I love my kids despite their naughtiness AND their baldness.


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