REAL mom Wednesday


You know you are a REAL mom when…

*You always have a poop story.  Always.

This weeks poop story goes a little bit something like this  ***ahem***:

It started out as any other diaper change.  She pooped.  I clean it up.  She laid down and we get started.  I take her diaper off and a little turd rolls a bit toward the edge of the dirty diaper but still on the diaper, no probs.  Then it happened.  For whatever reason Ella reached for the diaper under her butt.  I told her no and she retracted her hand but only to see the horror of the little turd ball stuck to her hand.  I go to get it off with a diaper wipe and she freaks a bit at the poop.  It falls off her hand and lands directly on her face.  Like right between her lip and her nostril.  I grab it and she is hysterically crying.  I finishing diapering her and take her and wash her hands and face as she is still sobbing, “Poop on my face!  Poop on my face!”

I guess she learned her lesson of not touching the diapers.


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